Business Coaching And  Website Bundle

Business Coaching And Website Bundle

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You show up to a zoom coaching session and we give you everything you need to get started. Including building you a website for your business. 

1. Comes with a virtual session 

2. Website Build (we will build you a functional website for your business to operate in full with reporting to help scale your business)Along with Afterpay setup and all major payment processing. Website build comes with 30 Day support calls and training so you can manage minor product updates after full set up (you must supply pictures and pricing if required for any products but they are not needed to get initially started. 

3. Monthly follow up sessions until website is live 

4. Information on tools/ apps to help you manage expenses so you can have your accountant an accurate report on your cash flow

5. Information on your state requirements 

6. 3 Business Coaching Sessions(Video) 

7. Marketing Information, shipping discounts, custom packaging design and tools 

8. Basic Logo if needed

9. Marketing Tactics

10. Register and properly file your business with your state 

11. Grant Information 

12. Funding Information

13. Learn how to automate your business